Why Skipping Breakfast is Diet Sabotage

Breakfast is the most frequently skipped meal of the day. We are often rushed in the morning and forgo breakfast to save time. As a result, we tend to fuel up on sugary coffee drinks and crash later in the day. We often think that by skipping breakfast we can reduce our total caloric intake during the day. However, studies show that skipping breakfast may be disastrous to the success of your diet.

Skipping breakfast now leads to eating more later.
Many dieters think that by skipping breakfast they are saving hundreds of calories per day. However, skipping breakfast often triggers binge eating and other bad habits during the day. Eating a healthy breakfast will boost your metabolism and provide you with much needed energy. When you skip breakfast, your energy levels will decline and your blood sugar will drop dramatically. As a result, you may feel extreme food cravings during the day that will cause you to consume more total calories during the day.

Skipping breakfast lowers your metabolic rate.
Studies show that skipping breakfast can lower your metabolic rate by about 5 percent. If you skipped breakfast every day, you would gain an average of about 1.5 pounds per month. Eat a healthy, low calorie breakfast to kick your metabolism in high gear and lose weight faster.

Skipping breakfast can reduce physical and mental performance.
The morning hours are typically when your body needs nutrients the most. After hours of sleep, the levels of glucose in your body have reached a low point. At this point, your mental and physical capacity is severely reduced. By eating a healthy breakfast in the morning, you can replenish your body with the nutrients it needs to stay alert and active until your next meal.


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