Wheat Free Weight Loss

It seems that everywhere you turn, there is mention of someone who has lost weight from a gluten free or wheat free diet. You see celebrities with remarkable bodies who are shouting from the rooftops how going wheat free has changed their life. But with all diet crazes that hit the peak of popularity, the real question is if wheat free weight loss is a safe and effective lifestyle change.
The gluten free and wheat free diets were originally created not for weight loss, but for the health of those who suffer from Celiac disease. This disease, among other things, keeps the body from successfully processing wheat and gluten based products. Celiac disease treats the body not unlike lactose intolerance, only with gluten and wheat instead of dairy products.

But now many people who are not suffering from Celiac disease have come to see the impressive weight loss gains that come from cutting wheat and gluten products from their diet. This has become quite popular in recent years as news has spread at what health gains people are seeing while on the wheat free diet.

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There are some doctors who do not believe that it is the wheat free aspect itself that makes the diet so effective, but instead that it is the utter control of foods going into the body that lead to more controlled calorie intake. This is often up for heated debate among the health community.

Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, going wheat free for weight loss is a safe and effective way to control your diet and lose weight. By going wheat free you have to control your diet that much more, watching carefully to make sure that you are not taking in any foods that might have wheat or gluten in them. This vigilance about food is what can help you to start to lose weight. Because the amount of foods available to you on the wheat free diet are limited, you have to work that much harder to build a solid and nutritious diet.

This does not mean it is not possible. Far from it. There are many people, celebrity and otherwise who have flourished on the wheat free diet. With a little planning and the self-control to stick with the program, it is a healthy and safe way to shed pounds and take back control of your body.

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