Vitalicious Satisfies Your Cravings

Vitalicious snacks are a great way to enjoy the delicious taste of baked goods without compromising your weight loss program.  Vitalicious creates yummy snacks that are filled with fiber, protein, whole-grains, vitamins and minerals instead of empty, unhealthy calories and dangerous fat grams.  You can satisfy your cravings for sweets at about 100 calories per serving and only two to five grams of fat.  That’s good news!

With grab-and-go convenience, Vitalicious baked goods are the perfect addition to a healthy diet that is full of fruits, vegetables and proteins.  Keep reading for helpful tips on how you can sweeten up your diet with guilt-free, healthy Vitalicious snacks.

1. Stay informed about new products.

  • Sign up for the Vitalicious email newsletter.
  • Visit the Vitalicious website to get up-to-date information, available coupons, nutritional facts, health tips and more.
  • Follow Vitalicious on Facebook, Twitter and through RSS Feed directly to your email inbox.
  • Share your creativity with Vitalicious items on your Pinterest boards.

2. Don’t just save calories with Vitalicious, save money too!

  • Contact customer service to receive Vitalicious coupons that can be used in retail stores.
  • Order in bulk to get free shipping through the Vitalicious website.
  • Order through Amazon to use your Prime membership to get free shipping on Vitalicious foods.
  • Search for promotional code coupons that can be used on the Vitalicious website.

3. Enjoy a variety of Vitalicious snacks to the fullest.

  • Always follow the freezing, defrosting and heating instructions exactly on your Vitalicious snacks.
  • Most Vitalicious products arrive fresh and will last five days in the refrigerator.
  • Freezing your snacks will help them last much longer and will not affect the taste or quality if you follow the defrosting and heating instructions given.
  • VitaPizzas will arrive frozen and packed with dry ice. You should keep them frozen until use.

Be sure to visit YouTube to download informative videos and TV clips that feature health experts and celebrities whipping up delicious recipes that you can quickly and easily make at home with Vitalicious products.

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