The Healthiest Proteins

We all know that proteins are a valuable part of any diet. They help to fuel the body, keep you energized and even help you to stay feeling satiated. But not all proteins are created equal. There are several foods that are high in protein content that will help you fulfill your dietary needs while still staying healthy and happy.

This little grain is chock full of proteins in each and every bite. Despite not being a true cereal, quinoa is an easy to cook and enjoyable to eat food that can take the place of rice in most meals. It is also a tasty treat just by itself. By using parsley, lemon juice and a little salt, quinoa can be a filling and low calorie lunch.

Everyone knows that eggs are good protein. But with the back and forth flip-flopping of the media, people seem unsure just what part of the egg they should be eating. If you are taking in eggs for the protein content, then it is important to eat the entire egg, and not just the whites. Egg yolks are rich in protein and can help you make a salad heavier, more protein rich and to help keep you satisfied for longer.

Red meat
As long as you are not a vegetarian, your best choice when it comes to find healthy and protein rich foods is going to be red meat. Beef from a grass fed cow, instead of grain fed, is just as high in protein, but will have less chemicals in the meat. A good sized strip steak that is made from grass fed beef will give you a protein boost and keep you healthy.

Chicken is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to get your protein, and in a healthy way. Not only is it an inexpensive way to get your lean protein, it is also simple to cook with. Chicken can even be seasoned and cooked over a bed of quinoa if you want to get a little extra protein packed into your lunch!

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