The Best Free Fitness Apps

Getting healthy in this digital age is easier than ever. With the use of wifi, tablets, and smart phones you can take your workout and your diet to a whole new level. You can do all of this and you can do it without spending a single dime on an app. Here are some of the best free fitness apps out there to help you get the most out of your time and energy.


Lose It!
A free weight loss and fitness tracker, Lose It! aims to be your all in one source for keeping track of your hard work. The app itself lets you create a log in and set your specific weight loss goals. From there, you can track your exercise every day to keep up with what calories you are burning. There is a relatively large list of exercises to choose from but it does feel as if there is some guess work to knowing if you actually burned that many calories.

The food journal is extensive and useful. You can save favorite foods that you eat often, and even search by whether the food is from the grocery store or a restaurant. The list of fast food restaurants in the Lose It! app are many and varied, though there are less bigger and more expensive restaurants in there. Cooking from home requires a little more work to keep track of as you have to enter ingredients individually, though you can save recipes for later use if you use them often enough.

Recipe Search
Are you looking for something healthy to eat and only have chicken breasts, tomatoes and garlic in your house? Well Recipe Search can help. This app is chock full of hundreds of recipes. Easily the most unique feature of the Recipe Search app is the fact that you can search by what ingredients you have on hand. This will save you from rummaging through a recipe that sounds delicious only to realize you are missing about half of the ingredients.

The app itself does not keep track of nutritional information like calories and fat. It will be up to you to make smart choices with the foods you put into your recipes and to use your own common sense when it comes to portion size.

If you are a runner or even a jogger, this Nike+Running app is the app for you. This app uses GPS to plan and track your routes as you are out and about. It will also keep track of your heart rate and your running stride to help you get the most accurate information about your run. There is a social aspect for those with a competitive streak, letting you see the tracks that your friends have been running. The app will also integrate your music playlists on your iPod or smart phone so that you can run and enjoy yourself without worrying about your time or route not being tracked.

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