Talking About Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts that is most well-known for its ability to help relax and rejuvenate all those who take part in it. Practitioners of Tai Chi follow a set of poses all meant to be completed one after another. These poses transition fluidly from one to another.


The key to Tai Chi is to move slowly and fluidly through each pose without any sort of stoppage between one pose and the next. This helps the muscles to become engaged without being high impact or difficult to follow along with. It is a good choice for those who find themselves with flexibility issues or who become short of breath very easily. Tai Chi has actually been shown to be beneficial for joint health, which is why it is such a popular exercise choice for those who have old injuries as well as the elderly.

While a session of Tai Chi can easily be completed alone, it is an activity and exercise that is best suited for the group class environment. It is especially recommended for beginners and those who are new to Tai Chi to attend at least a few classes so that they will have the proper form when practicing Tai Chi on their own.

Tai Chi classes are also best held outdoors when the weather permits. While this is not necessary to the completion of the class or the effectiveness of the session, it is something that is greatly enjoyed by most Tai Chi practitioners. This is because it helps to relax and connect the practitioners to the world and nature around them, as most choose not to wear shoes or socks during their Tai Chi classes.

When taking part in Tai Chi, whether in classes or on your own, the key is to focus on your breathing. Relaxation and rejuvenation of the body, the mind and the spirit are the goals of a successful Tai Chi session. Slow, deep breathing can help to further the relaxation by allowing the body to take in more oxygen and better nourish the blood.


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