Sweet Treats That Won’t Wreck Your Diet

Having a sweet tooth and staying satisfied while on a diet is not always easy. It may seem as if you can only have one or the other. That you can sate your sweet tooth, or that you can stick to your diet. But this doesn’t have to be the case if you make smart and savvy choices when it comes to your sweet treats. There are many ways you can eat sweets without killing your calorie count or throwing your diet all out of whack.


Dark Chocolate Covered Pistachios


The key to satisfying your sweet tooth without killing your diet lies in moderation. By moderating the amount of sweets you take into your diet and choosing to make them a luxury and not something you eat regularly, you can still enjoy most things like cookies and ice cream without having to make any sort of changes. Of course, choosing the low fat and no fat options when you do splurge can help you considerably.

If you are someone who needs to have your sweets every day, you need to find sweet substitutions that are lower in fat and calories while still being good enough to make you feel satisfied with smaller portions.

Smoothies are an easy way to have something sweet without overdoing it. You can make a smoothie that consists predominantly of strawberries and bananas, and add in a little bit of chocolate or peanut butter to add flavor without overdoing it on the calories. These are also a great breakfast item as they are high in protein and can help you to stay fuller longer during the day.

Making your own whipped cream is another way to enjoy something sweet. Dipping fruit like strawberries, pineapples and grapes into homemade whipped cream allows you to control your portion size and keep yourself within the healthy medium. It is important to make your whipped cream in portion controlled sizes if you have trouble stopping!

Granola bars can give you all the satisfaction of a candy bar with only a fraction of the calories. Made with grains and fruit, you can even dip the bottom edge of your granola bar into chocolate to give yourself a little decadence with your treat.

Dark chocolate is a heart healthy and low fat way to get your chocolate fix. With far less fat than white and milk chocolate, dark chocolate when eaten in moderation is a treat that anyone can enjoy. There are even dark chocolate candy bars that are available that are infused with everything from wasabi and chili to oranges and milk.

Being able to stick to a diet means that you need to treat yourself every now and then. It is always important to remind yourself that there are enjoyable and healthy substitutions to the sweets that you love. Fruits can add sweetness to just about anything and sweets in moderation can allow you to feel satisfied when you sit down to treat yourself.

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