Sneak Some Veggies In Your Meals

We all know that we need to eat our veggies every day to be healthy and strong. But just like when we were kids, this is often easier said than done. Maybe you don’t like the taste of certain vegetables or you are just not a salad person. Whether or not you are fond of vegetables, there is no arguing the fact that they are an important part of your diet and nutritional needs.
There are some great ways to sneak vegetables into some of your favorite meals without feeling like you have to eat foods that you don’t enjoy.



Using vegetable enriched pasta is one of the best ways to get a dose of vegetable goodness in your meals without having to taste them in every bite. These colorful noodles are often a big hit with kids and a great way to get them to eat carrots and spinach without even realizing it. Topped with a marinara sauce, you can get a double dose of veggies in one simple and tasty meal.

Vegetable juice mixed with fruit juice is all the rage these days. These sweet and delicious drinks are created with a base of vegetable juice but they taste just like a sweet fruit beverage. Replacing a carbonated drink or sugary drink at a meal with these vegetable and fruit juices will not only add more fruits and veggies to your daily diet, but it will also help you to cut calories and eat healthier as well.

Are you a fan of french fries? There is a way you can get the same satisfying crunch and taste with a fraction of the fat. Green bean fries are lightly seasoned and breaded green beans that are baked in the oven. Crispy, crunchy and good for you these are a good substitution to have alongside a hamburger topped with lettuce, tomatoes and onions to make the most out of your meal.

Lasagna is one of the best ways to pack some veggies into your diet without having to overload your taste buds. Layered with cheeses and meats, you can slip vegetables like bell peppers, onions and squash into the mix without overwhelming the flavor. Being based in a tomato sauce only gives you more bang for your buck with each delicious bite.

It is important to remember that there are many ways to sneak vegetables into your family’s diet. Dinner does not have to be a boring affair to make sure that you are all eating healthy. Simple changes like replacing mashed potatoes with mashed turnips can give you the same look and feel with less calories and more nutritional goodness. All it takes is a little bit of cleverness and some good recipes to have a healthy and enjoyable meal that your whole family will love.

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