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Science Diet

Give your beloved dog or cat the gift of a healthier life with the Hill's Science Diet plan. Pets are supplied with nutritious foods offering the perfect balance of natural ingredients. Dogs and cats will love delicious food flavors such as beef, turkey and roasted chicken. All of these foods have been carefully tested in order to ensure that your pets are only receiving the finest and safest products. These products are the top choice of pet foods among many trusted veterinarians.

How It Works

Simply go to to find several choices of premium pet food. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids have been added to these foods in order to provide them with the highest levels of nutrition. Specific types of foods are available for all ages from puppies and kittens up through senior dogs and cats. Dog foods can also be found according to breed size. Foods come in either dry or canned forms.

Foods from the Prescription Diet plan are perfectly suited for dogs and cats with medical conditions such as thyroid problems, sensitive stomachs and joint pain. Several of the available foods can also help to manage weight and combat obesity. Qualified veterinarians and other pet specialists are available to provide additional health tips and to answer any questions.

Program Costs

The costs will depend on what type of food is purchased and the specific quantities requested. Most of the products are very affordable and can be found through several online retailers or in stores. Additional shipping costs may also be added if products are ordered online.

Pros of the Hill's Science Diet Plan

Thorough information on all products is provided in order to ensure that the right food choices are made.
An online community makes it possible to connect with other pet lovers.
This nutritional plan is already popular with many other users, making it a reputable choice.

Cons of the Hill's Science Diet Plan

Products are only available for dogs and cats.
This plan does not include an exercise program for pets.

Pet foods from the Hill's Science Diet plan are perfect for dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes, ages and breeds. These products can prolong the lives of pets by giving them the right nutrition required for optimal health. The bountiful flavors will also leave pets feeling happy. Find any of these products by visiting See above for online coupons provided by