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Joy Bauer Diet

Drop unwanted pounds and live a healthier lifestyle with the Joy Bauer diet plan. Lose up to five pounds in a week by following the steps of this healthy weight loss program. This plan differs from many other diet plans by teaching you how to make smarter choices in your life in order to lose the weight and keep it off on a long-term basis.

How It Works

Many foods containing good carbs and fats and lean proteins will be consumed while on this plan. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also a large part of the plan. You can even savor occasional treats such as dark chocolate. A weight loss tracker will help you to reach your target weight in an effective manner. A meal plan along with hundreds of different recipes will be provided to give you a variety of cuisine options. A calorie calculator and food log are provided to help you keep track of what you are eating and the level of calories consumed. A team of qualified nutritionists will also be available to design the perfect meals and to help keep you on track.

Program Costs

A seven day free trial is offered to all new members. After the trial period expires, the cost to stay on the program is only $5 a week. Several online tools and helpful tips from nutritionists are provided with the plan.

Pros of the Joy Bauer Diet Plan

Message boards allow members to communicate with one another for advice and support.
This plan offers safe and effective weight loss methods.
Losing weight with these healthy methods can reverse other medical problems like hypertension and diabetes.

Cons of the Joy Bauer Diet Plan

Since the plan emphasizes losing weight in a healthy way, participants may be discouraged if they do not experience rapid results after the first week.
The lack of a meal delivery system with this plan could make it easier to cheat with unhealthy food choices.

The Joy Bauer diet plan is the perfect health and weight loss system for men and women of all ages who need to lose any amount of weight. This plan makes it much easier to keep the weight off by teaching you how to change your eating habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Go to and get started by filling out a free diet profile. See above for coupons and special offers.