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Duke Diet

Duke University's prestigious diet and fitness center has now created the Duke Diet and Fitness program available online. With the Duke Diet and Fitness plan, you can lose weight in the healthiest way possible. Unlike many other diet plans, this program utilizes the expertise of accredited professionals in the nutrition, fitness and medical fields. These experts are available to give advice and offer support during the course of the program.

How It Works

After signing up at www.dukediet.com, you will receive numerous online tools to help you reach your target weight. A customized meal planner includes shopping lists, healthy recipes and recommended snack ideas to help you with your nutritional needs. Recipes can easily be stored and organized with the recipe box provided.

Nutrition guides help you to determine the exact calorie counts in many popular foods. An eating out guide is also provided to help you make smart choices while dining in a favorite restaurant. Calorie, fitness and BMI calculators will help you understand the numbers behind health and fitness. A lifestyle journal allows you to keep track of things such as personal feelings about your fitness journey and how you're managing your progress. In addition to nutrition tools, the plan also offers customized fitness plans and an exercise video library.

A residential program in Durham, NC is also available for interested participants. This intensive program includes three meals a day with snacks, full use of exercise facilities, plus classes and tools offering information about health and fitness. Medical evaluations and physical exams are conducted by qualified healthcare professionals. Behavior health, nutrition and fitness assessments are also conducted. Hotel accommodations are not included.

Program Costs

For the online program, a fee equating to $4 a week is billed every 13 weeks on a quarterly schedule.

Residential program fees vary depending on the duration chosen. A five day program costs $2,400, whereas a four week program can cost up to $7,525. These fees reflect the pricing information available as of January 2012.

Pros of the Duke Diet Plan

These fitness and weight loss methods have been proven effective since 1969.
Medical professionals have carefully evaluated this plan to ensure its safety.
Many of the exercise routines can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

Cons of the Duke Diet Plan

The residential program may be too expensive for many people.
The intensity of the plan may intimidate some people.
The Duke Diet and Fitness plan offers one of the safest ways to lose weight and build muscle tone. People of all ages and body types can benefit from this plan. Learn more by visiting www.dukediet.com and get started by filling out a free diet evaluation. See above for special offers provided by dietcouponguide.com.