Simple Low Fat Lunches

Lunch tends to be the busiest time of the day. Between work, home life and commuting, it’s hard to fit in a healthy meal. Taking your lunch to work doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with plain old sandwiches every day.

By putting together these simple, low fat lunches in advance, you can save time and money by making your own meals while still enjoying a healthy and satisfying lunch.

chicken salad

Chicken Salad
Easy to make up in advance, chicken salad is a protein rich meal that can be made low fat with just a few alterations. Changing out your mayo for low fat whipped salad dressing will give you the same creaminess with only a fraction of the fat. Adding walnuts and grapes will give your chicken salad great texture and flavor, adding protein without all that many calories.

Cottage Cheese, Fruit and Whole Wheat Toast
You can purchase cottage cheese in a large container and portion it out for yourself each day, or you can buy smaller containers that are already portioned out that come with the fruit on the bottom. Adding in two pieces of whole wheat toast can give some weight to this light lunch without overdoing it. If you want to add a little flavor to your toast, you can use hazelnut butter or a slice of cheese toasted on top.

Hummus and Pita Chips
If you are looking for a satisfying and protein rich lunch that doesn’t rely on meat, then you need not look any further than hummus and pita chips. Hummus is a rich and savory dip made from chick peas that has great flavor. Often seasoned with garlic and red pepper, it can help you to feel like you’ve had a full meal without eating a ton of food.

Smoothie and Rice Cakes
Smoothies are a great choice if you are not all that fond of vegetables but love the sweet taste of fruit. You can easily use kale or spinach as the base for your smoothie and add in things like blueberries, strawberries and bananas to make the flavor and make it taste sweet. Rice cakes will give you the carbs to help you stay full and the crunch to feel satisfied along with your smoothie.

Fajita Wraps
Beef fajita meat, whole wheat tortillas and spinach can make a filling and easily portable meal that is high in protein and low in fat. You can even splurge and add in a little low fat dressing or salsa to give it some extra kick. Vegetables like bell peppers, lettuce and onions are also healthy and tasty additions to the fajita wrap. Be sure to use lean beef when you make your wraps to keep your calories down.

You do not have to rely on fast food in order to have satisfying meals during your busy day. By taking a little time the night before you can save yourself on frustration and calories with a simple and low fat lunch that still makes you feel like you can enjoy your lunch hour.

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