Rev Up Your Weight Loss with the Rodale Diet

Robert Rodale has been a prominent figure in the health and fitness industry since the 1970s.  He has designed numerous diets and he is considered an expert in the health and fitness field.  If you’re looking to start a weight loss program this summer, the Rodale diet can help you reach your goals.  The Rodale diet uses a few key principles that can keep you motivated and help you stick with your diet.

Eat high fiber foods

The health benefits of eating foods that contain high amounts of fiber have been known for years.  However, recent studies have suggested that a high fiber diet may also aid weight loss.  Consuming a high amount of fiber makes you feel full, which can keep you from snacking in between meals.

Count calories

One of the most effective ways to lose weight is to keep track of the calories you consume on a daily basis.  Simply set your daily caloric intake at a specified level and stick to it for at least a week.  If you have not lost any weight during that weight, drop your total amount of calories slightly.  By gradually decreasing your caloric intake, you can overcome sticking points and track your progress more effectively.  Increasing exercise can also be used in place of decreased calories since you will be burning more calories as your exercise increases.

If you’re dreading the onset of summer because you don’t like how you look in a swimsuit, it’s time to make a change.  The Rodale diet can help you slim down and be ready to hit the beach.  Save money on The Rodale Diet with these great coupons from

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