Pick Up Momentum with Denise Austin

Denise Austin

Denise Austin has been helping people lose weight and stay fit for over 25 years. Good Housekeeping has named www.deniseaustin.com a Best Fitness Site, so you can feel confident and secure about following her nutritional and fitness guidance. Here are ten tips to help your healthy lifestyle pick up momentum with Denise Austin.

1. Set your own weight loss goal before you begin a weight loss program. Challenge yourself to get fit and healthy, but be reasonable. Losing twenty pounds in two weeks is impossible, and you’re going to be frustrated with any goal that is clearly out of your reach. Aim for healthy and steady weight loss. Consult Denise’s book, Daily Dozen, to find out how to lose up to 12 pounds in two weeks.

2. Join Denise’s online diet and fitness program to get personalized diet and fitness plans targeted specifically for your weight loss needs. You can sign up for a one-week free trial period at www.deniseaustin.com. Your membership includes 15 online tools to track your progress, plus it connects you to a fun and supportive online community.

3. Now iPhone users can download a valuable free Denise Austin app filled with convenient on-the-go tools, recipes, motivational tips and short workout videos.

4. Become a fan of Denise on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to get the latest information about her books, interviews and upcoming appearances.

5. Did you know that Denise is a national spokesperson for Skechers? She recommends wearing Skechers Shape-ups to make the most of every workout session.

6. Be sure to read Denise’s latest book, Get Energy! You’ll figure out why you lack energy, and you’ll pick up great tips on how to boost your energy levels throughout the day by exercising and eating right. You can download free excerpts from Denise’s books at on her website.

7. Remember that a good attitude is just as important as what you eat and how much you exercise when it comes to losing weight and getting fit. Read Denise’s blog for the inspiration you need.

8. See how well you know Denise Austin. Take her online quiz just for fun!

9. Team up with a friend for exercise, meal planning and accountability.

10. Consult Denise’s checklist to make sure that you’re getting all your routine health screenings.

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