Keep a Food Journal

Making lifestyle changes can be difficult for even the most staunch dieters.  The temptation to sneak a snack, the urge to splurge lurks around every corner.  In our busy day to day lives, it can seem impossible to stay on track and get healthy.  But there’s one easy way to help keep yourself in line, and held accountable.

A food journal is a way of keeping track of all the calories you take in on a daily basis.  Dieters who keep food journals are actually less likely to fall off of the wagon and have a cheat day turn into a cheat month.  Here are some tips for keeping your food journal on track, up to date and doing its job.

Reward Yourself

Maybe it’s an extra five minutes with the snooze button.  Or a trip to the salon.  No matter what you choose, positively reinforcing your journal keeping habits with rewards can help.  The important thing is to make sure that the rewards are not food based (we don’t want to undo all the hard work) and that you make sure that you reach your goal before you reward yourself.  Finish your daily journal keeping for the night?  Take those five minutes in the morning.  Finish a month within your goals? Take that trip to the spa.

Use the Buddy System

Dieting is easier with a friend.  Whether you find yourself working through your new food journal with a coworker, a sibling or even a friend from an online dieting website, you will have an easier time staying on track with someone there beside you.  A diet buddy can give you the moral support you need on the low days, and if you are the type of person to enjoy a little competition, then you can make it a game between the two of you.

Try it Online

Having trouble keeping a pen and paper food journal?  Well, there’s likely an app for that on your phone.  Keeping a food journal on your phone not only keeps it private, but it makes it more accessible.  This way, you always have your journal on hand when you need it.

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