Jillian Michaels Sizzles This Summer

Let Jillian Michaels help you stay fit this summer with her acclaimed fitness and nutrition plan.  Staying motivated with this plan will help you shed unwanted pounds and give you the tools you need to live a long and healthy life.  Here are a few useful tips to help you stay on track with the Jillian Michaels plan this summer.

Order Fitness DVDs

These fitness DVDs can help you stay on track by providing effective workout routines and training tips.  Learn things like kickboxing and proper muscle development.  You can even learn how to tone your glutes and thighs for a sexier physique!

Get the Games

Entertaining video games have been developed to provide you with a fun way to stay fit.  Look for games like Fitness Adventure and Fitness Ultimatum that Jillian Michaels helped develop.

Reap the Rewards of Supplements

Whey protein powder is available in vanilla cream and triple chocolate flavors. These powders can be used to make appetizing shakes. These shakes are so delicious that you will likely forget that you are receiving nutritional benefits from them as well.

Download the Free iPhone App

This app lets you receive tips from Jillian herself while on-the-go.  It’s a great tool to use while at the gym or out on a long jog.  You can always have access to tips, delicious recipes and fat-burning exercises regardless of your location.

There is no reason to slack off on fitness this summer.  Jillian Michaels has designed her program to be exciting, effective and comprehensive. Get the body you deserve with the Jillian Michaels fitness and nutrition plan and take advantage of these special savings offers from DietCouponGuide.com!

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