Is Raw The Way To Go?

The raw food revolution is one of the newest and most popular diet trends today. With the raw food diet, you will begin to eat the way that your ancestors did, and sometimes even more effectively than they did. The point of the raw food diet is to take in nothing but all natural, non-cooked foods that have never been about 115 degrees.


Because the raw food diet is truly about eating foods as they are from nature, natural and raw. Many of the supporters of the raw food diet suggest that the body is able to take in more nutrients from foods that have never been cooked or processed.

The foods on the raw food diet are not limited to just fruits and vegetables, though they are the mainstays of the diet. Some who follow the raw food diet will drink raw (unprocessed) milk and eat raw meats like fish by way of sushi. Some even eat raw eggs, though this can lead to a risk of certain food borne illnesses.

The raw food diet is a diet that can almost guarantee weight loss. Because of all of the processed foods being cut out, including things like bread and refined sugars. As these were never meant to be a part of the body to begin with, weight loss comes easier without these types of items in our system.

While the raw food diet sounds simple, there is quite a bit of prep work involved in eating this way, which is why most who take part in the raw food revolution do so in bits and pieces. It is almost impossible to eat at a restaurant without eating something like a bowl of lettuce with nothing else. Preparing meals is usually done days in advance to help deal with the amount of cutting, chopping and washing that comes with each and every meal.

While some grocery stores do offer some products in the raw, the best way for you to find the fruits, vegetables, legumes and meats that you need is by visiting a local farmer’s market. These products have most likely not been sprayed with pesticides and if you have any concerns then you can speak with the people who grew them.

It is still important to thoroughly wash all of your fruits and vegetables before consuming. While cooking foods to safe temperatures can help to ward off bacteria, this is a luxury that those who chose the raw food diet do not have. That is why you must carefully wash everything you eat. Buying a vegetable brush can help you to be sure that your food is as safe as possible.

While the raw food diet may not be for everyone, those who use it often swear by it. There is very little negative to be said about returning to nature. Mother Nature can help you to shed the pounds and feel like a happier, healthier you. Raw foods may just help you to do it even faster.

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