If You’re Going to Cheat, Do It Right

Having a cheat day is an important part of any diet. Not only is it a way to keep yourself motivated as well as willing to stay on track, it is also important to help your metabolism to keep working hard and help you lose weight. That is why it is so important, not only to have a cheat day during your diet, but to make sure you make the most of it.
Most people seem to believe that having a cheat day means that you can eat whatever you want and just work it off the next day. But this is not the case. While a cheat day is about splurging and rewarding yourself for all your hard work, it is not an excuse to just gorge yourself on junk food.

The reason why a cheat day is important is because of caloric intake. When you are controlling your calories, your body begins to adjust to taking in the same amount and will sometimes begin to store fat. By having a cheat day where you eat more calories than your “normal” diet, you shock your body into not knowing how many calories will be taken in each day, which will cause it to dip into the fat storage.

Dipping into the fat storage cells in your body means that you lose more weight than just diet and exercise alone. But that doesn’t mean you should over-eat on your cheat day. Reward yourself with a decadent dessert or a cheeseburger, but do your best to stay reasonable with your choices. Too much indulgence can make it hard to get back on track the next day.

If cheat days make it hard to keep up with your diet when the next morning comes along, then you can try to bookend your cheat meal with good choices. Have a healthy breakfast like a spinach omelet, then whatever your cheat food is for lunch, and something filling but healthy for dinner. That way you begin and end your day the right way and still get to enjoy your cheat day and keep your body in optimum working order.

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