Health Foods That Aren’t So Healthy!

We have been taught to believe that anything labeled as health food has to be good for us. But as companies take shortcuts and this mantle of ‘health food’ starts getting slapped on more and more items, it is important to know that not all health food items are what they seem. Some aren’t even healthy at all! So beware these tricky little items and protect your daily intake.

Smoothies – It’s made with yogurt and fruit, what could possibly be so bad? That’s the blind spot when it comes to smoothies. Because not all smoothies are created equal. Some smoothies are actually made with ice cream instead of yogurt, and this can triple the calories in the drink. If you choose to start your morning off with a smoothie, then make sure to get one that is low in fat and carbs.

Muffins – When you think of muffins, your first thought is often that they are healthier than donuts, right? But this is not always the case. Take the Dunkin Donuts Coffee Cake Muffin. This little number has enough calories for three glazed donuts. If you are going to choose a muffin, make sure to choose one without a sugar glaze and one that is made from bran and other healthy oats.

Sauces – We all know to watch out for the cream based sauces and dips. But there are hidden pitfalls even with those clear based sauces. Certain dishes, especially pasta are tossed in a butter sauce. A butter sauce can contain enough fat to meet your daily allotment in a single meal. If you find yourself ordering a meal with butter sauce, ask for marinara on the side instead. This will cut your calorie count down extensively.

It is important to do more than just take foods at face value. Always ask for nutritional information if it is available. If not, you can use your phone to do research as to what the healthiest items on the menu are. These are not always the items marked as light fare. To stay healthy, be vigilant and take care of yourself.



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