eDiets End of Summer Savings

Summer is over

It’s getting to be that time of year.  Summer is winding down, and the bathing suits are being put away.  While you might be happy with your beach body now, we all know that the end of summer is a treacherous time for dieters.  The gauntlet of food-heavy holidays are fast approaching, and keeping off your hard earned weight loss can be tough.

Thankfully, eDiets meal delivery program has a solution just in time for the end of summer.  With the eDiets End of Summer Savings, you can get three weeks of food absolutely free, and free shipping will be included in this offer for a limited amount of time.  This offer will not last forever though, so if you are interested in getting three weeks of food for free, you should act fast.

eDiets is a meal delivery program that focuses on delivery tasty food that is portioned correctly and prepared fresh.  The company boasts over 120 different items on their menu to choose from.  Unlike some meal delivery diet programs out there, eDiets offers a diet specifically for men.  This diet contains meals and a meal plan that is made specifically for the male metabolism.

The important thing to remember about the eDiets End of Summer Savings is that like all great deals, there are some stipulations involved.  To qualify for the three free weeks of food, you will need to sign up for the seven day program.  From there, it is not your first three weeks of food that are free, but ones that are spread out through the program.  Your first free week of food is delivered after three paid weeks.  The second week of free food is delivered after six paid orders, and the third week of free meals and snacks is delivered after nine paid orders.

With the eDiets End of Summer Savings, you will get twenty one free breakfasts, twenty one free lunches, twenty one free dinners and forty two free snacks.  This is a deal that you will not find at most other meal delivery services, and will not be around for long.

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