Duke Diet Delivers Results

You’ve probably heard of the Duke Diet, or at least heard about the amazing results that are being experienced by people seeking a healthy and permanent way to lose weight and get fit.

Developed by leading experts at the world famous Duke University, this program is a comprehensive approach to a healthier body and trimmer physique.  The treatment center, located in Durham North Carolina, has helped patients drop pounds and gain a healthier attitude about their body.  Once only an exclusive experience for patients traveling to the clinic, this breakthrough regiment is now available online.  That means getting a hold of tips to kick start a summer of better eating is only a click away.

The experience and research behind the Duke Diet set it apart from other weight-loss programs.  At the heart of the Duke Diet is revamping the way you handle portion control.  The basis is formulating three balanced meals for breakfast lunch and dinner as well as a snack.

After you submit your information online, such as height, weight, age, and goal weight, the experts at the Duke Diet help you to craft new choices that fall into specific calorie targets.  They will help you tailor a diet that appeals to your own taste, as well as what your body needs.  This means utilizing fresh, delicious summer fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Once you hook up with the Duke Diet, you will have a plethora of exclusive recipes at your fingertips.  In addition, you will be able to use their customized online calculations to optimize your eating and exercise behaviors and keep a personal journey and track your progress.  The interactive aspect of the Duke Diet online also puts you in touch with other dieters via their message forums.

Once you are comfortable with a specific menu, it’s time to integrate a fitness regimen into your diet plan. A summer workout demands proper hydration, so start the diet by making sure you are getting in enough water. Mixing in physical activity with the right elements of diet can give your body the kick start it needs to rev up to weight loss with longevity. This isn’t fad diet—it’s an integrated lifestyle revolution.

The Duke Diet also recognizes the mind-body connection.  The diet plan works around the theory that our lifestyle behaviors and motivations have a huge impact on our success or failure in maintaining a healthy weight.  The counselors help you to identify the pitfalls and potential self-sabotage points that can ruin a diet plan.

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