Don’t Fill ‘Er Up at the Table

Feeling sick

You have started working out.  You are making healthier choices when it comes to your food.  Choosing carrot sticks over potato chips and low-fat yogurt over ice cream cones.  But you are still not seeing the weight loss that should be coming.  For most people, this can be incredibly frustrating. In some cases, it can even cause people to give up on their diet entirely.

But you don’t have to give up hope.  By learning the tricks of the trade when it comes to understanding your metabolism, you can kick your weight loss back into shape, and get back on track with your diet.

Your stomach and your brain do not always work in tandem.  You know those times where you eat, only to feel sickly full a few minutes after?  That’s the body and brain connection not working correctly.  Your body had been full long before your brain had time to catch.  So when it did, you’re left feeling bloated and overfull.

The best way to avoid this sickly sensation and help get your weight loss moving again is to stop eating before you’re full.  Studies have shown that dieters who stop eating when they feel eighty percent full are more likely to lose weight in the long run.

It isn’t always easy to learn that point within your own body.  By taking your time, chewing your food thoroughly and only drinking water with meals, you can help to learn the cues of your body to help you find the best time to say enough is enough at the dinner table.

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