Do You Need Whey Protein?

Have you noticed that lately whenever you step into a gym everyone is drinking a protein shake or smoothie? Most gyms that have juice bars offer these protein packed treats to all comers. But are you the type of gym goer who needs a protein shake to make the most out of your diet?
Below is a list of some of the common misconceptions about the use of whey protein and protein shakes that people in the fitness world tend to make. So take a look at the list and your exercise needs before you decide if protein shakes and whey protein are the right choice for you.


Chocolate whey protein
Only weight lifters need protein.  This is one of the longest standing misconceptions when it comes to protein and protein shakes. Yes, weight lifters do need to take in a considerable amount of protein, but they are not the only ones who need to. Gaining muscle requires a large amount of protein to be added into the diet, which is why most weight lifters and bodybuilders drink protein shakes after every workout. But this doesn’t mean that they are the only ones who can benefit from the addition of protein shakes and whey protein.

Protein will make you fat.  This is one of those misconceptions that lingers because it is partially based on truth. If you are not working out and you are taking in protein shakes and whey protein then you do run the risk of gaining weight from taking in excessive amounts of protein. But if you are working out and burning calories, you will not gain weight from drinking protein shakes. It is important to remember to account for the calories in your protein shake to make sure you are not going over your daily limit.

You only need protein after workouts.  This is likely one of those misconceptions that started with gyms selling protein powders and protein shakes. But this misconception is not true at all. Your body needs protein all throughout the day. In most cases, you do your body more good by actually drinking your whey protein or protein shake an hour or so before your workout. This allows your body to begin digesting the protein before you ever step foot in the gym, giving you that extra little kick that you need to make the most of your gym time.

Whey protein powders and protein shakes are a valuable tool in the arsenal of anyone trying to get healthy and fit. It can help you to make the most out of a workout and even help to keep away those hunger pangs that sometimes come right after a workout. But it is important to remember to account for your protein shakes and all of their ingredients. There is no such thing as free calories and you need to be sure to adjust your diet accordingly to make sure you are not overeating or taking in too much alongside your protein shakes.

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