Do You Have Childish Eating Habits?

Childish Habits

We all remember the things our mothers taught us.  Always clean your room.  Always make your bed. While most of these adages are still very relevant in your day to day life, there are a few that should be put aside with outdated information like exercising in high heels.

The most important rule from Mom that you need to forget?  That you need to clean your plate.  Most of us from any early age have been taught to eat everything on our plate.  Whether it was because food was not easy to come by, or just stubborn parental pride, it is ingrained in nearly all of us.

But did you know that you can cut out upwards of four hundred calories a day by leaving a fourth of the food on your plate at the end of the meal?

Portion control is one of the hardest parts of maintaining a healthy diet.  It can derail even those most strict of dieters.  Because even if you are eating low fat, low carb foods in large quantities, you will still not see the weight loss results that you should.

So go ahead and make your plate the way you would any other day of the week.  But once you start to eat, make a conscious effort to leave a fourth of each portion behind.  If this makes you feel as if you are wasting food, you can take these smaller portions and put them up for a leftover meal the next day, already portion controlled.

By learning to control the portion sizes of your food alongside making the right food choices, you can kick start your diet and see your weight loss goal even faster.  Be sure to read the label on your foods to find out what the exact portion size is.  You might even find it useful to purchase a kitchen scale, as this can make it easier to find the right portion when it comes to the trickier items like meats.

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