Diet Wreckers: Packaged Energy Bars

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Many people turn to packaged energy bars for a healthy supplement while they lose weight. Even though these bars are advertised as being nutritious with low calories, many of the energy bars on the market often contain hidden calories. These hidden calories can quickly sabotage a person’s diet without them even realizing the detrimental effects.
Sugar Levels
Some of the makers of today’s most popular energy bars proudly advertise the nutritional benefits of their products. Even though these benefits are often true, the companies producing the energy bars usually fail to mention that their products are packed with large amounts of sugar. The sugar levels are usually only disclosed on the fine print found on the nutrition labels. Shockingly, some of these energy bars contain nearly as much sugar as a can of soda! Science has proven that sugar contributes to unhealthy fat storage in a person’s system. One of the main reasons why these companies pack a lot of sugar into their energy bars is for flavor enhancement.

Calories from Fat
Although most of the energy bars on the market do not contain a large amount of fat, certain products may contain almost as much fat as a standard candy bar! It is important to always check the nutrition label to see how many of the calories come from fat, carbohydrates and protein. In addition to sabotaging a diet, having too much fat may contribute to other health problems such as diabetes, heart conditions and even certain types of cancer.

Alternative Choices
Fortunately, there are some healthier alternatives to packaged energy bars. One alternative is to make homemade energy bars using healthy ingredients and limiting the amount of sugar and fat. Another alternative would be to substitute an energy bar for another nutritious snack such as an apple, banana or celery stick in order to keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day.

Make sure you know the facts before deciding to include packaged energy bars into your weight loss plan. Reading the nutrition labels and possibly even substituting an energy bar with a healthier snack can contribute to your weight loss success.

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