Buff Up with the Total Gym Diet

Summer is upon us and with back yard barbecues and ice cream trucks around every corner, it can be hard to stick to the Total Gym Diet.  Here are some tips to help you stay on track and working towards the healthy, fit body that you deserve.

Carry a water bottle with you.

One of the most important parts of the Total Gym Diet is making sure that you take in enough water.  Not only does it help to keep you hydrated, the fluids also help to flush out toxins in your systems.

Flavor your water.

If you’re the type of person who gets bored drinking the same thing all day, every day then look no further than the grocery store shelves.  There are both powdered and liquid zero calorie flavor packets for water that can help add taste and variety to your daily water requirements without throwing your calories off track.

Write it down.

While this may seem more important early in the diet, keeping track of calorie intake and work outs can make a difference.  This way, even if you don’t see an immediate response in your body, you can see that the numbers are on your side and change will come.  Counting calories also helps to add a sense of responsibility and dieters who keep track every day are less likely to sneak in junk foods or fall out of the habit of healthy eating.

Make variety a priority.

There is no shortage of healthy super foods that can help you achieve the body you’re looking for, while staying on track with your diet.  Mix in some “negative calorie” foods (foods that cost more calories to digest than you intake by eating them) and always make sure to shuffle your meal plan around.  Eating the same thing every day can be become tiresome easily.  The more you mix and match healthy choices, the happier you and your stomach will be.

Most importantly, don’t give up!

Setbacks happen to the best of us.  No matter how many times you may fall behind, don’t stop trying.  You are making what will become lifelong healthy choices.

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