6 Ways to Use Resistance Bands

Using resistance bands is one of the best ways to lose weight and get into shape. The versatile designs of these specialized bands make it possible to perform many different types of exercises. Here are six recommended ways to use exercise bands to get the most out of your workouts.

For Stretching
Resistance bands allow you to stretch your body in a more controlled fashion. These bands are perfect for stretching the muscles in the arms and legs. Hamstrings can be effectively stretched by placing one of the end loops around your foot while your leg is straight and gently pulling on the other end of the band with your hands.

For Arm Strengthening
Resistance bands strengthen your arms by providing adequate resistance. Biceps and triceps can be strengthened by tying one of the band’s ends to a fixed object or holding the end in place with your foot while performing arm curls and triceps extensions.

For Legs and Derriere Toning
Working out with exercise bands is also a great way to tone leg muscles as well as the glutes. Similar to arm exercises, tying one end of the band around a fixed object allows you to use the free end to perform leg curls and leg extensions.

Resistance Bands

Exercise Assistance
You can create your own assistance equipment for certain exercises without having to go to a gym by using resistance bands. A resistance band can be tied to a pull-up bar to form a loop. Simply place your knees inside this loop and perform a series of assisted pull-ups.

Training Tool for Running
Using a resistance band for running training can help you increase your strength and stamina. Simply tie one end of the band around a fixed and durable object and the other end around your waist. You can then run out as far as the band will let you travel and jog in place for a few seconds while feeling the resistance. You should then run slowly back to your starting position. You can try using two resistance bands tied together so that you can run out even farther.

Partner Workouts
Working out with a partner can be made much easier by using resistance bands. Holding one end of the bands while your partner holds the other and performing exercise like squats and arm curls is a great way to get the right amount of resistance. Plus, using resistance bands to exercise with a partner can make working out more enjoyable.

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