3 Take-Out Meals That Won’t Blow Your Diet


No matter how diligent you are with your healthy food choices and your diet, there comes a point in every person’s diet where they have to eat fast food. Whether you are stuck in traffic or have something come up, the day will come. But you don’t need to worry, because there are hidden healthy gems on every fast food menu. Here are a few examples.

When it comes to healthy choices on a menu, Chik-fil-A is one of the best. They offer several different grilled chicken sandwiches that are low in fat when the cheese and mayo is left off. Even better, Chik-fil-A offers more than just the standard fries. With their lunch menu, you can choose to replace those fattening waffle fries with a fruit cup to shave off a good chunk of saturated fat and calories.

With the inclusion of baked potatoes on their fast food menu, Wendy’s has given healthy eaters everywhere reason to rejoice. If you find yourself hungry and near a Wendy’s, you can choose to have a baked potato topped with Wendy’s chili for a meal that is both low in fat, high in protein and very filling and satisfying.

Jack in the Box

Whether you are looking for breakfast or lunch items to sate your fast food hunger, Jack in the Box has healthy choices that will satisfy your cravings. For the breakfast eater, their Breakfast Jack sandwich is low in calories, and can be served with orange juice. Lucky for those who are fond of breakfast foods, Jack in the Box serves their breakfast items all day which means there is no time limit for when you can enjoy a Breakfast Jack.

Looking for a lunch item? The Chicken Teriyaki bowl at Jack in the Box is a healthy choice served with rice. The meal is low in calories, high in protein and the rice will help you to stay fuller longer. Though it is important to mention that the meal is high in sodium, so if you are looking to keep your sodium in check, this may not be the meal for you.

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